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Exclusive Application to Meet with Bridget Hom

Welcome. Glad you are here!

Hello, this is Bridget Hom.

Glad you are here! It means you are seeking out something more in your life, relationships, or business and I’m celebrating this awareness for you. Before setting aside time to get together, It’s important to know that this 30-minute call will be DIFFERENT from other “discovery sessions” you may have done before with a coach or consultant.

You might ask why? First of all, this call is not with a marketing company or sales strategist. You will be speaking with me directly and we will be creating an experience together. Another important note, this is a direction session.

I will be intentional about figuring out the most optimal solution for what you need to do to grow your business marketing or branding, client empowerment, gain more happiness, or map out a direction for you personally and professionally.

You WILL gain life-changing value on this call…

Because of what you will get on this call, you must understand… Filling this out will not guarantee I talk with you. I only do a few calls a week, with those I feel are solution-seeking and problem-aware in their life, relationships, or business and are TRULY ready for transformation.

​I will reach out to you via TEXT OR SOCIAL MESSAGING if you are one of those that I can help. I usually only talk with people who have a beginning of belief that they deserve better or more and they want to grow it and want someone to help them do that.

​I occasionally make exceptions to these rules. If you are looking for help navigating personal relationships or spirituality- this is also something that the Find Your Freedom Program speaks to. However, if you are not interested in a complete transformation in all areas of your life, please do not book a call and take up time from someone who is ready for more.

​The call you are about to book will uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back while establishing a customized direction strategy for your success, that hundreds of coaches, business owners, leaders in their industries- have experienced in the Find Your Freedom Program.

Lastly, if you do not show up for your booked session, or respond to my messages, I can only assume you have allowed fear to stop you, and second chances for a session will be questionable. This call is to figure out if our partnership and solutions of the Find Your Freedom Program, are RIGHT FOR YOU.

​I look forward to talking to you. Schedule a FREE direction session, and I look forward to jump-starting your life and business with you.

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